The support Sequoia Consulting provides allows its clients to: 

– Manage their daily IT activities where the challenges of managing multiple vendors and multiple technologies can become very complex shift the focus from what’s really important.

Therefore, shifting the ownership of resolving these problemas may be the right solution for your business.

We are ready to take on all the support related to the IT activities in your company. Our whole structure is designed to this end and it may be the right solution a several levels: 

  • Resolution time
  • Mutidisciplinar technical skills
  • Control mechanisms (ticketing)
  • Detailed activity reports 
  • Better cost/benefit ration

As an option to support strictly on businness hours, we already have offers based on annual or monthly arrangements, with or without minimal response times (24×5 or 24×7).

Our solutions must be aligned with the needs of our clients. Even if the solutions we have currently structured is not the right fit for your organization, we will create one according to your specific needs.