Service Management

Several studies indicate that IT process optimization can result, depending on the concrete reality, in savings of 28%.

Regardless of the studies, it is quite common to observe that organizations do not have the human resources and/or technical resources that allow them to gather and measure the information regarding IT processes. No even take the best decisions or even implement/modify these processes for the sake of optiomization. 

We watch many time organizations that struggle with the implementation of processes already defined, facing great difficulties caused by the way these processes were designed and by the technical support that is used. And why? Because this is confusing, because it’s too wide or too restrictive concerning its functionality.

At Sequoia Consulting we help you organization to improve and implement these processes and also reccomend tools and technologies that will help you attain those goals more easily.

We will assist you, side by side, understand the key points to the success of the implementation, create roadmaps to implement the changes to improve through internal services, out-tasking or outsourcing, according to the needs.