There are many organizations that refer to the Cloud as the future. Most of the world players are aligned with this vision. There are cases of cloud computing which are true examples of resource optimization and investment.

Scalable architectures with growth speeds which were unthinkable a few years ago, simpler management interfaces and the fascinating examples of application of this new approach are beggining to be known everywhere.

The Cloud with all the possibilities it presents has always been a point of interest for our consultants

Therefore, at Sequoia we also adopted the Cloud. It was a natural and logical choice based on our past experience. We are a “no-servers” company and we run all of our business with several building blocks at different levels of complexity that include SaaS, PaaS and IaaS.

The Cloud is used in our operation. The Cloud is used in our clients. The Cloud is used even to establish instant infrastructures, where we integrate practical cases and test scenarios for our clients.

The advantages are obvious.

If your company would like to know more about the concept of Cloud Computing, if you want to know more about this reality versus the traditional hosting, if you want to know the existing offer, specially in its self-service approach, with dynamic provisioning, instant scalability and redundancy, talk to us and get to know the possibilities available in the market.